Sunday, January 1, 2017

Making Artistamps

I send out a lot of my art and then enjoy using the images to create artistamps that I can use all year long. Artistamps are faux postage stamps not intended to defraud postal authorities or stamp collectors but to decorate my mail.

I scan all my mailart before I send it off. I then edit the images that I think will make good artistamps.

I use a little software product called ArcSoft PhotoStudio but any kind of software works - Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, etc. I reduce the size of a digital image (jpeg) and then begin editing - add borders, add text, enhance colors (remember, these will be small when reproduced so lots of detail won't show up - enhancing the colors can help make elements pop). 

I add the borders and change the colors to match or compliment the image itself. I add text such as the year and my name. Remember to flatten all the layers to keep the image size down.

I then use Microsoft Publisher to create the sheet of artistamps.

I'm pretty sure you can do this in Word or your image editing software. Use whatever you're familiar with - this should be fun, not a frustrating software lesson. :-)

Some people do these analog - ie. they don't use any software - so feel free to draw your artistamps, use rubber stamps or whatever you want!

my art edited to include borders and text
A bunch of my digitally edited art works reduced in size and repeated in Microsoft Publisher to create a sheet of artistamps. This prints out as an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. I then cut them up and use them on my mailings.

An artistamp on an envelope I mailed out last year.

Another fun aspect of artistamps is using other people's stamps to help decorate your mailart. Here is one that is full of artistamps -  mine and a couple other people's stamps!


  1. Very cool Angie!

    I've been using a mobile image editing app to make the images and then put together sheets in Google Docs. It's really easy!

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  2. Thanks for sharing Steph. Is there a google publisher like there is the google word? I'll have to look into that.

    What app do you use? I'm looking for a decent image editing app for Android ...

    1. I'm...not sure. I just add tables to a Google Doc. You add a table to the sheet (like a spreadsheet going into a Word doc), then you can pop an image into the spaces. I found out about it totally by accident one day.

      I have an Android phone too and use Pixlr (by Autodesk). They even have a web-based version that I use as well. It's a great app.