Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Layers of flavors

Step 1: Procure either a cereal box or similar weight cardboard about 8 1/2 by 11"
I scratch up the glossy side with sandpaper to help glue and paint adhere better. I use a 50/50 mix of Elmer's and Aileene's tacky glue.

Step 2: Use your favorite glue to apply a layer of ripped or cut papers to your piece of cardboard. Use a brayer, the palm of your hand or your fingernails to make sure the paper is stuck really well. Let it dry completely.
Here is my glued down bits with the first smears of paint ...

Step 3: Use at least 3 more techniques from the choices below...feel free to use create fabulously layered backgrounds.
  • Add paint or ink using an unconventional household item as a stamp (potato masher, head of cabbage, flip-flop shoe)
  • Add a wash of watered down paint
  • Remove some paint with a paper towel
  • Add (glue) more paper cut-outs or punches
  • Write random words or a poem across the whole surface with a marker (Go ahead and overlap them)
  • Use masks or stencils and more paint or ink
  • Stamp a commercial or handcarved rubber stamp(s) all over
  • Gently scratch into the surface
  • Use either a regular pencil or colored pencil to draw random shapes
  • Use sandpaper to roughen it up a little in spots
  • Add some tissue paper or paper napkin bits (glue them in place)
This is sort of a midway shot - I get too caught up in the process to take photos ...

Step 4: Cut your cardboard in half and send one to each of your partners.

I'm still not exactly done ... but here is the direction I'm heading ...

You can see additional swap/exchange details here:
And finally ... here is how they looked in the end

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