Saturday, May 30, 2015

ATC jams to love or hate

Well, I adore ATC buddy jams. They're so random and surprising. You take two artists and see what they can come up with together. Let me see if I have some visuals ...

Well,with this one you're seeing the finished product between Judy Staroscik and myself. She sent me 2 lovely "starter" ATCs and then I finished them off. I keep one and return one to her and we're both so happy.

Then, there are also 3 way ATC jams going around.Those are also fun but sometimes I'm a little judgemental and prejudiced. For example, here is a set I recently received.

I know, I should be a good sport but they're just pieces of scrapbook paper glued to a backing. Sigh. I want more. Actually, someone else forwarded these to me saying, "I just didn't know what to add to them and I hope you'll feel inspired." I am actually going to add to them but not before I complain about them.

There. I feel better.

Here are a few other things Ive sent out ... in the category of ATC jams ...

Above are three I sent to Judy ...

And one came back to me from Rachel Carter (above) 

These three (above) I sent out but haven't gotten back (that I can tell)

These (above) are backgrounds I made last year when I was going to do a martian themed ATC but then I scrapped that effort. This is just a "Buddy Jam" - only 2 people. Paint, collage, stamping and a tad of glitter.

Here is another 3 way jam I received (above). One more person and they'll be done.

What do you think of ATC jams? I guess one thing I love about mailart and ATC jams is it forces us to question our tastes and standards and not be judgemental of others. Or, rather, be judgemental but proclaim all art wonderful. 

Also, having to finish something that isn't "my style" pushes me outside my comfort zone and makes me try art in a different way. 

And, I am often surprised that even though I complain about some of them, I always enjoy seeing how they turn out.

If anyone wants to do a jam with me, I'd love to - I promise not to complain (too much).


  1. I love the concept of jams and have about 100 homers from the past year via a group I belong to that does 3 person jams. But was getting increasingly frustrated with really lame participants. I am not even that picky but using teacher stickers, as one example, is not acceptable to me and it always seems some people try so hard and then there is that one person that slaps on one tiny thing and doesn't try as hard even though they know better from other examples. I had to take a break from it for awhile and haven't done any since January.

  2. I really enjoy jams but don't do them enough - it's like I forget they exist. The nice thing about them is that they're small and they're only going to a small amount of people, so the turnaround is pretty quick. I just sent out a set of backgrounds to a mail pal for a 3-way jam - he seemed really stoked by the idea so I've got high hopes for them. ;D