Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What a relief exchange 2015 - February and March

I signed up for a monthly exchange - a new carving a week. Wew, it's tough keeping up but here's what I came up with and sent off. This month I'm only sending to 7 others rather than 9.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Whatcha been up to?

Whatcha been up to? I've been trying to do more art for myself and not swap/give away so many of my creations.

I've joined a print exchange group. We are trying to make 4 original hand carvings per month and then print them all professionally with numbers and stuff. Here is my first batch that I think look fine on the wall. I like to carve with the pink speedy carve material. I've seen some gorgeous linoleum carvings but I'm working on a fairly small canvas here - 4 x 6 inches - and it's difficult for me to get detail at that size with linoleum. I'm still sending these as an exchange but creating enough that I have some for myself.
 (click on image to enlarge)

I have more carvings in progress now that I'm having so much fun with. I have other projects - swap related and otherwise - that I need to be working on, and I just can't stop carving and printing. I'm loving it.

Also, attending a local ATC exchange that keeps me busy. Making 15-25 ATC to exchange each month - that keeps one busy. Even though I think I'm quite good at assembly line creation - I still want each ATC to be good so it takes time.

I'm also attending some book arts stuff. Here's a pop-up book I made at one such recent workshop.

Bjork pop-up book (click on image to enlarge)

And then finally, I'm back to leading the local 4H scrapbooking group. I had done this a few years ago when my daughter was in the project. When she pulled out, I did too but I missed it. I have a small group of only girls and it's really a nice group. A couple of the mothers join us and we all just hang around making scrapbooks, chatting and having fun. I really enjoy sharing my supplies with the kids. Lord knows I have enough that I'd never have to buy another sticker, stamp, piece of paper or ribbon again. Here's a cupcake page I made recently.

 (click on image to enlarge)

So, I'm keeping busy. How about you?