Monday, February 24, 2014

Artful weekend

I had a pretty artful weekend. Saturday I attended the Milwaukee ATC Live Trade. This group has been meeting monthly for 7 years. That's quite a record. I've been on their list for a couple years but I've only attended 3 meetings so far. In that brief while, I've made some nice friends. Here are the ATCs I GOT in the trade:

This month's theme was "Stitch in Time." Many people used a sewing theme, others did something clever with time .... How it works ... everyone tries to make at least one in the theme of the month. Attendees take turns talking about their ATC and then put one into a tin. After everyone has put their ATC in that month's theme into the tin, then the tin goes around once more and everyone picks one. So, everyone leaves with at least one ATC in that month's theme. Then, everyone puts their binders on a table and choose one ATC from every binder. But, if you only have 10 ATCs to trade, then you only take 10 ATCs from others binders. Not all the ATCs above are in the "Stitch in Time" theme because the artist only made say 10 in the theme and by the time I got to their binder those were gone. So, some are left overs from previous months or just extras in general.

I only had 6 in the theme but offered many of my extras.

These are my "Stitch in Time" ATCs. 

Extra rescued "oopsies." 

Then! On Sunday I met with some other friends and went to splash to paint. It's a bar where you can paint. This was an organized class to paint "Peaches the Fish." We had a BLAST!

The above are the "models" that we were learning to paint.

It was amazing to see all the variety of results. That's me - second from the right.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Friends and Faux postcard

This is a very fun project from Tangle Crafts - Friends and Faux I received from Lynne Gurnee and I'm sending it on tomorrow to The Blessed Father in San Diego.

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 2014

I've been tinkering lately with the paper and paints I have. Not trying to many new, new things - just playing and having fun with what I have. Here are a couple postcards I made recently ...

the blog deletes photos after a while. that sucks