Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Museum of Wisconsin Art

I don't do art to sell or exhibit but I thought I'd show one of my collages at a local art museum. This was for a members exhibit and when I dropped it off the person said, "Nice frame." You'd think working at an art museum they'd be a little more diplomatic. Well, whatever. I LOVE this collage - one of my favorite pieces I've made. Maybe cuz I love zebras but whatever.

I guess it is a pretty nice frame.

Here's the wall I was on - there were a lot of GREAT pieces on display there!

Museum of Wisconsin Art


  1. nice frame? really? that's what they said? (smacks forehead).
    It's such a cool collage and huge credit to you for submitting it. It's so much easier to hide our work away than to publicly share it. Well done.

    1. Yeah, I want to hope the woman wasn't being an art snob and she just wasn't sure what to say to 250 people dropping off art. I'm laughing about it! And thanks for the visual of you head slapping! That's what I do when I think of it.