Saturday, November 30, 2013

Arty Cartophiles call “Mapping 2014 Artfully”

“Mapping 2014 Artfully”

HeadStreetMapmaking is a tool, a craft for the curious. Every part of making a map appeals to me: the graphic elements of traditional cartography, the journey, and the personal story encompassed by the dashed neatlines.
This project is about making a  map of the future, in particular the year 2014. We will then reveal all the maps for a five day blog hop in January, 2014
You can approach this in many ways, and here are some simple guidelines to get you started.
  1. Pick a subject or focus
    1. Goals
    2. Travels
    3. Relationship(s)
    4. Career
    5. Health
    6. Personal Journey
    7. And on and on…
  1. Pick a medium
    1. Drawing
    2. Collage
    3. Journaling
    4. Mixed Media
    5. Textile
    6. You get the idea
Make some simple sketches of the journey of 2014. None of it has to be literal, it can be one line from here to there, or a river of lines and tributaries with lots of topography you can label.
Make the map however complex or simple you like, keeping in mind your intention for 2014. This should be a heartstring, not a masterpiece for the Smithsonian. Make it true rather than perfect. This will show.

Dates to remember
Dec 15th, last day to sign up for this project.
Jan 13-17th, blog hop of all participants. I will have the master list here to link to all your sites, you can do the same or just promote your own. This hop is called “Mapping 2014 wit
Sign up now!

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