Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8th collage fun

The above is an ATC for a challenge to use googly eyes. The most innocent of images becomes silly with googly eyes. 
The above is a 5 x 7 inch postcard for a challenge to create a landscape collage using painted paper. Robin Brooks was the inspiration for this. She works in a larger size and I found it pretty challenging to do in this small, postcard size. This wasn't my first attempt but I think this looks like a landscape. No? LOL.

The above piece is an 8 x 10 inch masterboard for another challenge to ... create a masterboard using at least 3 techniques or mediums. The idea is that this can get cut up for ATCs, postcards, etc. It would likely need more work after that but ... it's a base.

Finally, a 5 x 7 inch postcard for the World Oceans Day. This is a handmade rubber stamp I made of a cuttlefish (squid). I saw a show on discovery channel or something about how due to reduced fish populations in the oceans, there are fewer predators and way more squid. Squid can hatch like 20 million babies but they're usually eaten up. With fewer predators more babies are surviving and more and more squid are reaching the surface looking for habitat. It's pretty interesting. Squid are quite vicious and violent. I think they're going to take over the world.


  1. nice variety of challenges you've got going on there! I love your cuttlefish stamp - totally cool. Now I'm picturing an army of squid with googly eyes marching down the streets of New York...

    1. Thanks Karen. An army of googly eyed squid taking over the world. Yep.