Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doing it like Danielle

Danielle Williams must be freaking out as she starts to see copies of her work appearing on Flickr and blogs. A swap at swapbot has us "Doing it like Danielle."

You can find Danielle's Flickr photostream here - and a well stocked supply of her art in my Flickr favorites.

I've actually really enjoyed this challenge. I love Danielle's style but I'm a little shy about out and out ripping off people's art style. That's not to say I don't dabble and borrow. Certainly we're all inspired by one another but this feels indulgent and a little naughty.

One element that I've always admired on Danielle's art is her placement of stamps and especially her artistamps. Here is one in particular that I love ...

My partner likes mountain goats so I made her a stamp like Danielle's ...

The first pieces that I made turned out okay and were fun to make but I wasn't 100% happy with them in terms of "Doing it like Danielle."  I tried a little harder, getting inspiration from my partner's profile and I came up with this ...

Definitely not as good as Danielle's but not too bad either. It doesn't show up in this scan, but the background paint is a metallic gold that shimmers and same with some of those circles - shimmering metallic silver. A few of my partner's favorites including peacocks and swans and dark colors.

Check out Danielle's stuff. She's great.

There's no mail delivery tomorrow due to Veteran's Day and I haven't popped this into the mail just yet ... Shhhh. Don't tell Kerri ...


  1. well done! I have not yet begun to tackle this challenge. You really nailed it.

  2. Nice to see someone ripping off Danielle and about time too :P I like your take on her mail art so I thought I'd leave you a comment. Happy Sunday! Oh, and I thought I'd mention I'm not a robot.

  3. Yeah, the problem is ... now I can't stop ripping her off. Hee hee.