Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fishes for Elaine!

Laurence Gillot at IUOMA asks people to send her lovely mother mailart. She likes fishes and so I sent this:

I have another friend who loves fish but for some reason, when I'm looking for fish to send, I can't seem to find any. I found the piece above to send to Luarence's mother but I hope to find more.

Here is Laurence's call


Eliane is my granny old mother. She lives alone, she finds the time very long  and I think  art mail in her mailbox would bring her a lot of joy and amazement.
When she was young, she enjoyed fishing. Also, I suggest you send her fishes ! From sea, river ...
I will answer, myself, with pleasure all your mail art!

Format and freestyle.
Dates: autumn and winter 2012.

Adress :
Eliane MOINE
2, rue de la Boudière
54 000 NANCY

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So ... what's new?

 From Danielle Williams

 From Janine Weiss
 From David Stafford
 From Louise Kiner
 From Mail Art Martha
From Sue Hobbs.