Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Fun

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do it like Stephanie

I have been making art for the "Do it like Stephanie" challenge and these came out. Pieces 2 and 3 are what I sent - the others are just residual. Hee hee.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Super MailArtists Round Robin Mail Art Zine

From the Super MailArtists group at swapbot comes the Round Robin Mail Art Zine project. A really fun collaboration of sending, receiving between 7 different people. Quite a lot of fun ... check it out.

What I sent off in the first place ...

 My zine started with Mandy ... 

Then went to Karen ...

 Then to Kerri ...

 Then to Stewart ...

Then to Danielle ...

And last but certainly not least it went to Jenny ...


For some reason I had 3 pages left when my zine arrived home which worked fine - I made a cover and a back ... 

This was a super project. I really enjoyed seeing all 7 of the zines and all the great art contained in each one. Receiving my copy is a sweet end to a fun project. Can't wait to do another.

Tip: you can click on any image above to view a larger version.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doing it like Danielle

Danielle Williams must be freaking out as she starts to see copies of her work appearing on Flickr and blogs. A swap at swapbot has us "Doing it like Danielle."

You can find Danielle's Flickr photostream here - and a well stocked supply of her art in my Flickr favorites.

I've actually really enjoyed this challenge. I love Danielle's style but I'm a little shy about out and out ripping off people's art style. That's not to say I don't dabble and borrow. Certainly we're all inspired by one another but this feels indulgent and a little naughty.

One element that I've always admired on Danielle's art is her placement of stamps and especially her artistamps. Here is one in particular that I love ...

My partner likes mountain goats so I made her a stamp like Danielle's ...

The first pieces that I made turned out okay and were fun to make but I wasn't 100% happy with them in terms of "Doing it like Danielle."  I tried a little harder, getting inspiration from my partner's profile and I came up with this ...

Definitely not as good as Danielle's but not too bad either. It doesn't show up in this scan, but the background paint is a metallic gold that shimmers and same with some of those circles - shimmering metallic silver. A few of my partner's favorites including peacocks and swans and dark colors.

Check out Danielle's stuff. She's great.

There's no mail delivery tomorrow due to Veteran's Day and I haven't popped this into the mail just yet ... Shhhh. Don't tell Kerri ...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Scary art

I participated in a couple of swaps at swap-bot for scary ATCs and scary postcards. Here's what I came up with ...

 Above is an ATC using an image from a book on medicine and art. A cadaver being probed ...

Insanity is a pretty scary notion to me so I incorporated this poor woman into this creepy card. I showed it to my husband and he didn't get it. Maybe it's a chick thing.

 This was just something goofy I was doing. Kind of creepy ...

 Another image from the medicine and art book. Ooh. What a headache he must have. Sent to Kerri Sparkman.

 Creeyp ATC.

Strange girl with her strange naked barbie skirt. Send to Theresa Williams.

Halloween Fun

I lead a group of young scrapbookers for a club my daughter belongs to. It's challenging because there is a wide age range and skill level difference between the kids. I decided to try some Halloween tags. Overall I think the meeting went well. The kids seemed to have fun and came up with pretty neat looking stuff so ...

There were 13 kids and about 6 parents. It was kind of crazy for a while but everyone was smiling when they left.

Some examples I made to give them an idea what to do ...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 6th

Snooky's birthday was yesterday ...

We celebrated by indulging in the treats Erni sent in September.

I spent part of Saturday tinkering in my art area ...

a green ATC ...

a postcard ...

and a fish ...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fishes for Elaine!

Laurence Gillot at IUOMA asks people to send her lovely mother mailart. She likes fishes and so I sent this:

I have another friend who loves fish but for some reason, when I'm looking for fish to send, I can't seem to find any. I found the piece above to send to Luarence's mother but I hope to find more.

Here is Laurence's call


Eliane is my granny old mother. She lives alone, she finds the time very long  and I think  art mail in her mailbox would bring her a lot of joy and amazement.
When she was young, she enjoyed fishing. Also, I suggest you send her fishes ! From sea, river ...
I will answer, myself, with pleasure all your mail art!

Format and freestyle.
Dates: autumn and winter 2012.

Adress :
Eliane MOINE
2, rue de la Boudière
54 000 NANCY

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So ... what's new?

 From Danielle Williams

 From Janine Weiss
 From David Stafford
 From Louise Kiner
 From Mail Art Martha
From Sue Hobbs.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrate the Dog Mail Art Exhibit 2012

In June I posted a "call" for mail art for a "Celebrate the Dog" exhibit to coincide with National Dog Day on August 26th. Since then 43 different artists from 14 different countries have sent me over 75 pieces of mailart. They are all so fabulous! My exhibit went up last night at my local public library. It's not a usual artist exhibit with openings and crowds but I still think it's amazing to see all this great mail art on display.

It went from this ...

To this ...

(you can click on the image to view it larger)

I'm so happy to have collected all this amazing art and to be able to put it up on display. I thank the W.J. Niederkorn Public Library in Port Washington, Wisconsin for allowing me to use their display case for a month.  I tried to include some envelopes with interesting stamps from other countries.

I thank all the artists who sent me art about dogs. Dogs are loved worldwide!

Allison - Grand Junction, Colorado
Amy Irwen - Rosemount, Minnesota
Arte Correo Correo - Bridgeport, Connecticut
Brent Leopold - Pennsylvania
Brian Fitterman "King Pins" - Syosset, New York
Cara Harrison - Huntsville, Alabama
Carina Granlund - Petsmo, Finland
Dame Mailarta - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Dani Street - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Danielle Maret Williams - Barden Ridge, Australia
Dean Marks - Paris, France
Diane Keys - Elgin, Illinois
Gerda Halbritter - Nudlingen, Germany
Harry Lock - Durban, South Africa
Helen Amyes - York, Western Australia
Janine Weiss - Boudry, Switzerland
Katerina Nikoltsou - Thessaloniki, Greece
KDJ - Orlando, Florida
Kim Moreno - Woodland, California
Lynn Radford - New Brighton, Pennsylvania
Lisa Iversen - North Manchester, Indiana
Louise Kiner - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Michael L. Orr - Clarkston, Georgia
Mim Scalon - Richmond, Virginia
Nolastra - Oakland, California
Not Hi Ng - San Pablo, California
Patty Radish - Stanwood, Washington
Paul Amyes - York, Western Australia
Pirjo-Liisa Komu - Hiltulanlahti, Finland
Prtzia TicTac - Stamberg, Germany
Rebecca Guyver - England
Roberto Rios - Humacao, Puerto Rico
Sabela Bana - Coruna, Spain
Snappy - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Stephanie Blake - Huntsville, Alabama
Stepanie Dodson - Tallahassee, Florida
Stripygoose - England
Suus In Mokum - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Svenja Wahl - Heidelberg, Germany
Theresa Williams - Bradner, Ohio
Valentine Mark Herman - Sigean, France

Each piece received was documented in my IUOMA photo group "Celebrate the Dog."